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You have an idea for a business or service, and it’s time to get started. Our team stands ready to help. At this stage, it’s important to lay the right legal foundation (missteps or hacks can come back to haunt you), but your resources are limited. We understand that. Our approach to incorporation was specifically designed with those concerns in mind. We provide the counsel and documents you need to not only get started, but to do so comprehensively and based on established best practices.




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  • Delaware Annual Reports/ Franchise Tax Returns Due Soon
    Every domestic or foreign corporation must file an annual report/franchise tax return with the Delaware Secretary of State on or before March 1, 2023. The easiest way to file this…
  • Startup Organization Checklist (Limited Liability Company)
    1. Initial Governing Documents (a) Certificate of formation or other organizational filing in the jurisdiction of formation (including appointment of registered agent) (b) Operating agreement 2. Founders’ Initial Equity…
  • Startup Incorporation Checklist (Corporation)
    1. Initial Governing Documents (a) Delaware certificate of incorporation (including appointment of registered agent) (b) Bylaws 2. Founders’ Initial Stock Issuances (a) Founder stock restriction or subscription agreements (as…