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Startups Tailored & Streamlined

Day-to-Day Company Work

As your business starts to track, you will begin to encounter day-to-day legal needs. Reviewing NDAs, drafting MSAs, structuring license agreements, and so on. We have the know-how to cover you here, and because we deal with these matters all the time, you won’t be investing in a learning curve. We turn documents quickly and cost-effectively.

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IP Commercialization

We understand all manner of technology transactions, including IP commercialization. Whether you require in-license, out-license, sale or another more exotic structure, we can help.


Specialists Who Know Startups

It takes a village. Our core team covers the bases, but there are times when specific technical knowledge is required in adjacent legal areas. And our firm provides that. Whether it involves tax, compensation, intellectual property, employment, securities, immigration or any number of other business or legal issues, we can put together the team you need.




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