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Startups Tailored & Streamlined
The Dynamic World of Early Stage and Emerging Companies

We operate a west coast-style practice which caters to the needs of entrepreneurs and funders alike.  The approach, style and expertise matches that of those firms.  Why choose us?  In a phrase, economic efficiency.  If you are west coast based, where rates are astronomical, you will get the same level of representation for a fraction of the cost.  If you are located elsewhere, then for the same cost as your more more general corporate law firm, you will get the specialized counseling and experience that you and your business absolutely require.

As for our practice more generally, we represent public and private high-growth companies of all sizes in the technology, health care, life sciences, consumer products, media and medical devices industries – as well as the funders who invest in these companies. We guide clients throughout their growth cycle, offering strategic counsel on day-to-day legal and business issues. We advise on exit and liquidity opportunities, and we guide clients through strategic company formations and partnerships with suppliers and customers.



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