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Investor Work

You need a law firm that understands market terms and best practices, and that can draft and turn high-quality documents quickly and efficiently. But you also need attorneys who won’t alienate the other side in the process. This work is delicate. Strength and conviction in negotiation are crucial, but so are touch, discretion and proportionality. We understand this. You are not just making an investment – you are laying the groundwork for what may be a lengthy relationship with the company and its management team. You don’t want your law firm to poison the waters but enhance and elevate your relationship. That’s the reason to choose us.


Fund Formation

As an institutional investor, you have the same concerns as an entrepreneur. You need your company – in this case, your fund – structured properly and in accordance with best practices. But you can’t pay a fortune. You need a firm with deep experience and precedent documents that can be efficiently leveraged to your benefit. That’s us.



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    1. Initial Governing Documents (a) Delaware certificate of formation, Ohio articles of organization or other organizational filing in the jurisdiction of formation (including appointment of registered agent) (b) Operating…
  • Startup Incorporation Checklist (Corporation)
    1. Initial Governing Documents (a) Delaware certificate of incorporation (including appointment of registered agent) NOTE: Verify the availability of the corporation’s name in Delaware and the states where it…
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    Every domestic or foreign corporation must file an annual report and franchise tax return with the Delaware Secretary of State on or before March 1 of each year. The…